Corporate Executives, Buyers and company personnel are often sent into foreign countries with little or no training on how to avoid major problems. On average one out of every 5,000 travelers will be seriously injured, kidnapped or killed. IHS training seminars provide you with specific information that you need to know in order to make proper safety and security related choices when traveling abroad or even to major metropolitan areas. Our Corporate seminars include:

• Airport and Airline Safety, Security and In-Flight Emergencies
• Hotel Security
• Local Travel Issues
• Your Personal Security and Safety
• Sexual Assault Prevention
• Personal Affairs
• Foreign Travel Planning, Preparation and Emergency Plans
• Understanding Terrorism
• Hostage Survival Basics

We provide specific information on what to do and what you should not to do. We'll teach you what decisions to make, how and where to conduct extensive pre-travel planning, how to develop emergency plans and how to improve your ability to survive should you find yourself in a life threatening situation. You will learn "realistic" methods to keep yourself and others in your party safe and out of harm's way.

Our travel safety and security seminar's last approximately five hours to fit in with most personnel's busy schedules.


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