Global Safety & Survival Training in the Outdoors

Learn to deal with the unexpected effectively. Our courses help to prepare for any of the following scenarios: extreme weather; getting lost; falling into cold water; being stranded in a car; spending an unexpected night outside while skiing, hunting or hiking; suffering a serious injury in the outdoors; or, the lights, heat and running water fail at home. Could you spend 3 days or even longer in your home with no modern conveniences or outside contact?

Course Structure

We deliver our Survival & Safety in the Outdoors seminars in a fast-paced practical format, making use of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, guided discussions, demonstrations and lots of student participation.

On occasion, ERI runs Safety & Survival in the Outdoors at a specific locations in the US, Canada or overseas. However, the most productive way to offer the course is for one or more local host organizations to sponsor the program for their own group members.

Optional Course Content

• Wilderness & Urban Survival
• Survival Basics & the Research (Psychology and Physiology)
• Dispelling Survival Myths and Misconceptions
• Priorities and Necessities of Life
• Energy Use, Loss & Conservation
• Clothing Systems & Protective Equipment
• Essential Survival Skills: Shelter, Fire, Signaling & Water Disinfection
• Civilian Search & Rescue Systems
• Survival Kits, Emergency Kits, & Emergency Equipment
• Improvising from a Vehicle, House, Office and Nature
• Survival First Aid & Environmental Injuries


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