Search & Rescue (SAR) Training

Emergency Response International’s SAR publications and training programs set the standard for cutting edge theory and practice. We regularly provide SAR training around the world to law enforcement agencies and training academies, volunteer search and rescue groups, land management agencies, university students and government agencies on basic, intermediate and advanced level field skills and search management. Our course offerings range from basic SAR skills to train-the-trainer seminars. We will custom design each course to meet the specific needs of any organization. A wide variety of available topics allows your organization to pick those elements that best fit specific needs.

SAR Course Offerings

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1. SAR Skills for the Emergency Responder: Basic Skills and Knowledge
2. Managing Land Search Operations (MLSO) Basic
3. Managing Land Search Operations (MLSO) Advanced
4. Lost Person Behavior
5. Managing the Urban Missing Person Search
6. Search Management Instructor Train-the-Trainer
7. Track and Clue Awareness (TCA)
8. Swift Water Rescue

Subject Matter Workshops and Seminars

Many of these training programs are custom designed to meet the specific needs of the organization and may include any of the topics listed below:

• Search management theory and practice
• Lost Person Behavior
• SAR theory and practice
• SAR team benchmarks
• SAR Legal issues
• Coordination between law enforcement and volunteer agencies
• Land navigation
• Track and clue awareness
• Signaling and the safe use of pyrotechnics
• Electronic signals: ELT, EPIRB, PLB
• Outdoor skills for SAR personnel
• Clothing and equipment for outdoor activities
• Personal survival kits
• Team equipment
• Use of computers in SAR
• Social Media and the Internet in SAR
• Investigating the missing person case
• Law enforcement aviation units in support of search and rescue
• Aerial observer – fixed wing and helicopter
• Helicopter operations and personnel safety
• Swift Water Rescue
• And more . . .


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