ERI Consulting

Emergency Response International provides expertise in a variety of planning and preparedness subjects. If you have unique requirements or need guidance in the following areas, our professional staff will help develop or evaluate programs for your organization’s needs.

SAR - Search & Rescue
  • SAR Operations
  • SAR Organization Management
  • Basic SAR Training & Development
  • Lost Person Behavior
  • Urban Search
Clothing & Equipment Preparations
  • Preparing staff for remote or high risk travel
  • Preparing staff for working and living in environmental extremes - desert, arctic, mountain, tropical, and open water
  • Survival & emergency equipment considerations
  • Survival kits
Corporate Training
  • Mission and environmental protection needs
  • Building a training program
  • Teaching staff to conduct future programs
  • Survival
  • Emergency Egress
  • Team building
Travel Security Issues
  • Organizational preparations for security and hostage situation management
  • Preparing staff for working and living in politically unstable world environments
  • Blending in and maintaining a low profile
  • Avoiding kidnapping & capture
  • Living as a captive
Government, Corporate, Missionary and Private Aviation Programs
  • Survival and emergency equipment
  • Establishing survival Emergency Procedures (EPs)
  • Survival training for specific environments:
    • Desert
    • Mountains
    • Arctic
    • Jungle
    • Sea
Emergency Preparedness in Schools
  • Natural disasters
  • Man-made disasters
  • Active shooter
  • Lockdown
  • Kits and Equipment


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