ERI Aviation Survival Training Courses

Our Aviation survival curriculum covers a wide range of topics including many of the issues addressed in our Global Survival materials. Pilots and aircrew members also need information on the unique requirements of the aviation environment, how to build and use an aircraft survival kit, how to deal with in-flight emergencies, immediate post-crash concerns, as well as how to signal distress once safely on the ground or in the water. In addition, those who fly over water require training in ditching procedures, underwater escape and use of auxiliary breathing devices, emergency floatation, raft management and survival at sea.

Aviation Survival Course Offerings

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1. Primary Aviation Survival School: Basic Course
2. Primary Aviation Survival School: Refresher Course
3. Aviation Survival Instructor School
4. Safety and Survival for General Aviation
5. Corporate Aviation Aircrew Survival School
6. Ditching, Underwater Egress and Survival at Sea

Subject Content Options

Aviation training programs are custom designed to meet specific host organization needs and may include any combination of the topics listed below:

• Survival Psychology
• Survival Physiology
• Energy Use, Loss & Conservation
• Environmental Hazards & Injuries
• Traumatic Injuries
• Clothing & Equipment
• Survival Kits & Equipment
• Sheltercraft
• Firecraft
• Signalling
• Water Procurement & Preparation
• Food Procurement Realities
• Search & Rescue (SAR)
• Travel Considerations & Techniques
• Survival Swimming
• Raft Management
• Underwater egress
• Use of underwater breathing devices
• Smoke & Fumes and smoke egress
• International travel security
• Hostage Survival / Survival in Captivity


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