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 Open My Eyes: Travel Safety and Security-Information for Mission Teams - A practical guide for you and your family to travel safely and securely when traveling away from the comforts of home. By Brian Webb, Owner & Lead Instructor for IHS (In His Service).

Whether you are taking your first short term mission trip for your church or a support organization, or have devoted the rest of your life to serving the needs of the world, this book is a must read before you leave home. The book is full of valuable information that will help you make proper security related choices when traveling locally or to far abroad foreign countries.

Travel Safety & Security includes several critical topics:

*  Airport and Airline Safety, Security and In-Flight  Emergencies

*  Hotel Security

*  Local Travel Issues

*  Your Personal Security and Safety

*  Sexual Assault Prevention

*  Personal Affairs

*  Foreign Travel Planning, Preparation and Emergency  Plans

*  Understanding Terrorism

*  Hostage Survival Basics

  • $20.00 Plus Shipping & Handling.  • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.

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 The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense - A practical guide to survival skills development, planning and preparedness. 2009 releaseEdited by Robert C. "Skip" Stoffel & Brett C. Stoffel. Contributions by ERI's team of professional survival instructors.
The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense should be an essential item carried on every flight. It's hightly relevant content, compact size and waterproof paper will prove invaluable if you ever find yourself responsible for your personal survival or the survival of others when faced with an unexpected off airport landing. Statistically, the majority of people live through aviation crashes and ditchings. However, many die needlessly because the pilot and his or her passengers didn't know what steps to take to help insure everyone's survival. This handbook is like having your own survival specialist with you to sort out what to do and how to do it.

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  • $34.99 Plus Shipping & Handling  • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.

 The Textbook for Managing Land Search Operations
Written & Edited by Robert C. Stoffel
This is a completely rewritten, and reorganized textbook for the course “Managing Land Search Operations.” This book takes the place of the original document “Search is An Emergency” initially published by the Emergency Response Institute and later by Emergency Response International. The foundation material contained in this book has been the cornerstone for land search coordinators for over three decades in thirteen countries. If you are an instructor, Search Manager, or Overhead Team Member in local or regional search operations, this is a must have text. Spiral bound, 540 pages, 3-hole punched and in 8-1/2X11 or A4 formats.

  • $36.00 Plus Shipping & Handling.  • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.
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Information about ERI's 
Instructor Suite for Teaching the Course "Managing Land Search Operations" below.

 The Handbook for Managing Land Search Operations
Written & Edited by Robert C. Stoffel

The latest and most comprehensive handbook 
for the SAR Manager for Overhead Team Members who have to do the job on scene. This latest Revision provides comprehensive updates on lost and missing person behavior along with suggestions, hints, reminders, forms and charts for those responsible to run a search for a missing person. The new section on POD deals with the latest research on the tie-in between vision, detection and programming searchers in the field. Spiral bound, 424 pages, 5-1/2" X 8-1/2" compact format makes it ideal for field use.

  • $28.00 Plus Shipping & Handling.  • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.
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 The Instructor Suite for Teaching the Course "Managing Land Search Operations"
Written & Edited by Robert C. Stoffel

Released in Oct. 2007, The Instructor Suite is designed to help SAR professionals teach ERI's Managing Land search Operations (MLSO) Course. This incredible resource includes over 1,700 PowerPoint Slides -  full color, animated, enhanced with photos and illustrations, and easy to read. The slides include detailed instructor notes keyed to the course textbook, Textbook for Managing Land Search Operations.

Instructor Suite hightlights:
  • Four basic enhanced map exercises with additional objectives, new pictures and alternative teaching options - PowerPoint slides included.
  • Instructor's Map Problem Manual with handouts, clues, instructor notes, map keys and locations from the actual incidents.
  • Example mission video - “8 Days in July” plus more video clips embedded in PowerPoint.
  • Four Additional Supplemental Map Problems & Exercise Manual
  • Course agenda with suggested times, and detailed plan of instruction.
  • Worksheets, and new probability of success tracking Forms.
  • ICS Forms, course test and answer key.
  • Licenses from 4 to 8 users.
  • Fonts for PowerPoint plus course administration & organizational aids

  • $650.00 for a license good for 1 to 4 computers.
  • $900.00 for a license good for 5 to 8 computers
  • Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.

 Field Operations Guide for Search and Rescue - Standard Operations Guide for Search and Rescue, By Robert Koester

Field Operations Guide for Search and Rescue delivers concise easy-to-follow descriptions of Incident Command System (ICS) functions used in search & rescue. The book goes beyond the normal descriptions found in ICS manuals and provides practical insight into the details needed to fulfill functional positions on a search. The writing and layout are clear and easy to follow, perfect for use in the field.


  • $10.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.
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 Search Wheel - An Initial Response Search Guide 

The Search Wheel leads students or experienced search planners through the initial response phase of the search. It is lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Side One provides handy information on the steps needed to commit to a search effort and then deploy resources. Simply rotate the search wheel to tackle each critical topic. Topics include the Last known Point, The Hub or IPP, Know Your Subject, Linear Features & Decision Points, Containment, and Hot Spots. Additional information provided on reflex tasking.?Side two presents essential information and behavior profiles for the most common lost subject categories. It covers hikers, mountain bikers, despondents, children, dementia, hunters, and climbers. The windows reveal the most current data on distance from the IPP/LKP and where the subject was found for both mountainous and flat terrain. Data taken from the International Search & Rescue Incident Database (ISRID) which contains 50,000 SAR incidents. Find the specific information you need immediately. Can be ordered in miles or kilometers.


  • $15.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.
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 Lost Person Behavior - A Search and Rescue Guide on Where to Look - For Land, Air and Water, By Robert J. Koester. The purpose of this book is simple: To help searchers look in the right place to find lost subjects faster.

Lost person behavior is the cornerstone of search and rescue efforts. Based upon a landmark study, this book is the definitive guide to solving the puzzle of where a lost person might be found. Nowhere else is it possible to learn about the latest subject categories, behavioral profiles, up to date statistics, suggested initial tasks, and specialized investigative questions. Whether the subject is underground, underwater, under collapsed rubble, on land or has fallen from the sky, this book delivers what search managers need.

Lost Person Behavior provides the reader with:

  • An indispensable book that can be used as a field reference (special rugged binding allows the book to lay flat) and an essential library reference;
  • The latest search and rescue incident statistics from the International Search & Rescue Incident Database (ISRID), which contains over 50,000 SAR incidents;
  • 41 subject categories, many of which are new and presented for the first time;
  • New detailed behavioral profiles that give insight into what drives the basic behaviors of lost people;
  • Statistics based upon ecoregions to best match your specific search areas;
  • New types of statistical information; find location, scenario analysis, mobility time, survivability, elevation changes, track offset, dispersion angles, plus classic statistics such as distance from the initial planning point;
  • The ability to pinpoint the most likely areas to search, then determine initial tasks quickly using reflex tasking, the bike wheel model, and quick consensus.


    $25.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.
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 Analysis of Lost Person Behavior - An Aid to Search Planning
By William G. Syrotuck
This is the original 1976 study done by Bill Syrotuck on Lost Person Behavior. This information is just as useful today as it was when the publication was first published. The book starts out with general aspects of lost person behavior and then examines 229 lost person incidents and suggests how the data can be used to help predict where lost people in similar categories might be found. This is a “must have” reference publication for search managers and planners involved in operational search at the responder level.
    $15.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.

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Foundations for Awareness, Signcutting and Tracking By Robert Speiden This tracking textbook prepares the reader in the basic principles of visual human tracking as they apply to a SAR mission. For anyone who needs to interpret and follow human tracks or sign, this book is for you. In fact, anyone who steps out into the field will become a better searcher, if they learn and use the material in this book. The book will aid in answering "What happened here?" and "Who made this track?" Through explanations, illustrations, and pictures from actual searches, this book describes methods and techniques used by tracking personnel to do the following: Find, follow and interpret tracks and sign Manage light and shadow to your advantage Learn about improving your awareness How to age sign Record and document tracking information Dispel common misconceptions Select and use tracking tools of the trade Become familiar with tracking terminology Understand footwear as it relates to tracking Provides an introduction to animal tracking Understand what to look for in various ground covers (leaves, low vegetation, rock, slopes, snow, and more) The book serves as the textbook for the 50-hour Field Team Signcutter course certified by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Each chapter lists the standards used in the curriculum. Paperback, 8.5 x 11 inches, 268 pages, 110 illustrations, 61 photographs, 50 drawings, 6 color plates, index, references, and Glossary. ISBN: 978-0-9817686-0-1  Pricing: $35.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax. Click here to order directly from ERI's secure online store. Man-Trackers and Dog Handlers in Search and Rescue: Basic Guidelines and Information By Fuller, Johnson, Koester. This book explores the unique combination of Search and Rescue dog teams and Man-trackers. This combination might be the most effective tool that management has for rapid finds. The book introduces each type of resource and then educates each team as to the capabilities and limitations of each. It also explodes common myths and legends associated with each resource.

  • $10.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.

 Urban Search: Managing Missing Person Searches in the Urban Environment 
By Christopher S. Young and John Wehbring
This book is the first comprehensive guide to urban search. It compares factors of an urban/suburban incident with a wilderness search, including preplanning, search management, special investigation considerations, unique urban strategy and tactics, use of resources, and documentation.

You will learn how to:
  • Understand your urban environment - residential, retail, business, industrial and/or recreational - and develop preplans accordingly
  • Conduct thorough investigations and interviewing - including training search personnel in door-to-door canvassing
  • Develop an accurate profile of the missing person using the newest urban specific data
  • Use the investigation information and scenario analysis to prevent wasted effort on a non-search
  • Working advantageously with the media
  • Consider the missing person's use of public transportation
  • Train dogs and ground teams to be effective in the urban environment by identifying problems and safety hazards they may encounter
  • Manage and evaluate documentation and clue management
A good tool to add to the search manager's tool box when facing the most difficult SAR there is: the job of searching for someone missing in the urban/suburban environment. This well put-together guide covers the practically endless possibilities in this complex environment. -- Matt Scharper, California State SAR Coordinator, Governor's Office of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Branch.

Paperback: 352 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", 39 illustrations
Publisher: dbS Productions
Language: English 
ISBN: 978-1-879471-38-2

  • $25.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.
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 Fatigue - Sleep Management During Disasters and Sustained Operations
By Robert J. Koester.
This booklet allows the reader to understand sleep physiology, required sleep, the use of naps, fatigue related accidents, and accident prevention. All searchers and safety officers must be aware of what is often the most deadly aspect of search and rescue; the drive to and from the search. ISBN: 1-879471-18-3 1997
  • $10.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.

 Surviving a Wilderness Emergency
By Peter Kummerfeldt, Founder, OutdoorSafe and ERI Instructor
Learn the skills needed to survive an unplanned night out. Surviving a Wilderness Emergency provides a wealth of field tested techniques and procedures to use when you are faced with protecting yourself from the elements. Practical methods of surviving, not primitive skills, are addressed. They include: Survival Psychology, Survival Myths and Misconceptions, Staying Found, Survival Medicine, and much more.

  • $20.00 Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.

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