-ERIs Metal Match

ERI's Metal Match Rod Fire Starter...
Better than matches. A reliable fire starter is an outdoor must.

ERI's own "metal match". The metal is an Austrian Auermetal Rod, 1/4" inch in diameter and 2/1/2 inches in length. It has a wooden (Paduc) handle, synthetic lanyard, and an oil tempered steel "striker." Striking the tethered steel blade against the metal rod (a combination of several materials) allows a user to make a spark hot enough to ignite many different types of tinders..."down" from several plants, pitch, shaved wood, cotton balls, etc. In fact, ERI recommends saturating cotton balls with petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline) as a reliable fire starting tinder. If you prepare your materials properly, you can start over 500 fires with one Metal Match.

Pictured above and below: Metal Match with handle, leather lanyard, and steel "striker" similar to a hacksaw blade. As the photos demonstrate, put pressure on steel blade and strike it along Metal Match to achieve a healthy spark. A little practice helps.
  1. Safely splitting wood using a wooden baton and full shank knife (like our Mora Clipper 840)
  2. Build your fire on a Brace and Platform. ERI recommends this technique to keep your fire off the cool, wet ground. The brace is used to keep adequate air under the fire when you place your various layers of previously "graded" wood on your initial flame. When possible, keep the length of your fuel 18" or so long, so the fire can burn it through for you. Notice the piece of cotton, which has been saturated with Vaseline, has been spread apart so a spark from ERI's metal match will ignite it into a flame.
  3. Notice the burning cotton ball from a metal match spark. When a cotton (100% cotton) ball is saturated with a couple of big gobs of petroleum jelly, this initial flame will burn from 6 to 8 minutes or more.
  4. The final picture shows laying your small to larger pieces of wood on your fire. The first and smallest diameter wood, is place across the flame, resting on your brace. The next handful of "slightly larger" pieces of wood are then places at 90° to the first layer. Then, build your fire into any type of fire lay you choose.
  5. As always, prepare a safe area for you fire, attend to it at all times, and make sure it is dead out before leaving. Make sure your fire is cooled down enough to allow you to put your fingers in it before you leave.


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